Konnichiwa annyeong!

Anything and everything under the sun I call life. Each person has a special something that makes them unique. It can be something they’re good at; something they’re passionate about; or even something they suck at doing every single time. I don’t think I have that something. This blog is dedicated to myself, to find that something that I lack, to make me realize as I look back that I always had that in me. Sometimes, we tend to look at other people too much that we forget to look at ourselves. This is me taking a step back to move forward.

And it will be sunny was a manga that I read a few years ago. This blog has nothing to do with the manga by the way. The title, however, was stuck on my head. My mind was so clouded with stress, with pressure, expectation, dreams, goals, day to day life and everything that I forget to look the brighter side of things. The title reminds me that no matter how many storm comes in my life, whenever the winds make me waver, everytime thunder strikes me unexpectedly, it will all come in full circle and finally, at the end of it all, it will be sunny.

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