Project #1: Cross-stitch

For my first self-project, Indecided to practice cross-stitching.

I always saw my tita (aunt if you’re from the west) doing her cross-stitch when I was a kid. She gave us a house cross-stitch secured in a wooden frame which we still hang on our wall. The pattern was a house surrounded with different flowers and plants. I remember thinking that if I were to build my dream house, that would be it. How wonderful would it be to wake up at the songs of the birds, the whispers of the wind, the leaves dancing in the breeze. Then I grew up. While the house itself was modest, the vast land it will be built into would cost a lot in modern day prices. My meager wage right now will not be enough to cover these costs. I had to resort renting a small place enough for a person to live in. Someday, I’ll take a picture of my dreamhouse and post it here so you can take a look.

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